1. Emergency Cover!
    Has someone called in sick? Are you unexpectedly under-staffed with your team already overstretched? Trust Recruitment excel at covering last minute staffing shortages. Our team of experienced professionals can be with you in under an hour. And they are used to helping out at the last minute and providing the care you need. Let's talk about how we can help you today
  2. Long-Term Cover
    Are the holidays approaching? Has someone already been signed off for long-term absence? Trust Recruitment provides cover for staff shortages weeks or months in advance. We know the in-depth schedules of all of our workers. We ensure that the right people are available for you exactly when you need them. Let's talk about how we can help you tomorrow
  3. Permanent Cover
    Do you need to grow your core team? Are you missing essential personnel? Do you need to bolster your core team? Trust Recruitment are active networkers in the Healthcare Sector and may already know the perfect person for your organisation. After discussing the specific attributes of your next hire, we'll make the right introduction. Let's talk about how we can help your future
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  1. Consistency
    Trust Recruitment understands how important one to one relationships are. We do our utmost to ensure you will have the same worker every time you need them.
  2. Trained Staff
    All Trust Recruitment staff are trained by fully accredited professionals when inducted. If you have any specific training requirements, we can tailor our training to your needs.
  3. Medication
    Do your residents or care users need medicine administered with reassurance? Trust Recruitment provide Senior Care Staff and Nurses with specific medication training.
  4. Special Needs
    Abuse, Addiction, Autism, Down's Syndrome, Disability, Epilepsy, or any key support needs. Trust Recruitment ensures the experience of our staff exactly matches that unique need.
  5. Dementia Care
    We ensure Senior Care Assistants and Care Assistants are Dementia Aware. Trust Recruitment will help you care for your elderly residents in the best way.
  6. Food & Drink
    All of our Kitchen Assistants, KPs and Chefs are members of the PVG Scheme. Trust Recruitment can keep your residents fed without compromising their care.