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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

1. We believe that the individual needing the care service is always the most important person. Their needs are unique and we must tailor our service to meet their needs. The service we provide must positively enhance the lives of those we support. We must at all times, ensure that the dignity, privacy, freedom of choice and safety of the service user are prioritised. We must ensure we realise the full potential of those we assist. We welcome diversity, without restriction, both in terms of who we assist and those helping us to care for them.

2. We believe that to provide the very best quality of care, we must support our care givers. We must ensure that they are fully trained and that where applicable, we enhance their skills with training tailored to the needs of those whom they support. We will listen to them, review their work regularly and act upon their feedback, offering advice and guidance when needed. We will treat them with dignity and respect at all times. We will ensure they are paid fairly and promptly for the essential work that they do for us.

3. We believe that robust recruitment and compliance procedures underpin our ability to provide the best quality of care. We ensure that all regulatory checks (ID, RTW, PVG, SSSC, NMC, employment references) and mandatory training courses are undertaken prior to the engagement of care staff. We will interview all staff in person to assess their skills, suitability to work and knowledge of social care practices. We will always remember to put the service user first and provide them with the most suitable carer for their needs.

14th November, 2018
Clinical Skills Training
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